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  TickleFests: San Francisco, Anaheim CA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Las Vegas NV, Burlington VT and Elgin IL December 24, 2010
  FOOTPARTIES & WEEKEND RETREATS: NYC, Brooklyn, Long Island NY, Atlantic City NJ, Cleveland OH, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Myrtle Beach SC, Los Angeles & Palm Springs CA December 17, 2010
  FEET: Individual Guys, International Feet, Webfeet, Celebs, Footwear, Lifeguards, Contributors - and More! March 17, 2011
  Previews of Videos, Clips and DVDs Made by Tickle Video Producers March 26, 2011
  Major Motion Pictures, TV Productions & Commercials and Music Videos March 26, 2011
  CartoonsNovember 1, 2009
  Navels & Bellybuttons October 16, 2010
  CelebritiesMarch 11, 2011
  NEW BOOK: "How to be a Tickle Slave" written by the star of "James Tickled by Jay at TickleFest 2010." July 11, 2010
  Nipples & Pectorals December 26, 2010
  SocksSeptember 25, 2010
  Tickle PixJanuary 16, 2011
   More Tickle Pix! January 16, 2011

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